Amelia Highnam represents Home Office following off-panel nomination

Published: 05/12/2019 | News

Amelia Highnam has recently been instructed to represent the Home Office following an off-panel nomination approved by the Attorney General. The hearing was a five-day family matter with Judgment due to be handed down in December. Amelia’s role was to assist the court and the parties as to the immigration status of those involved.

Alongside this nomination, Amelia has been accepting an increasing number of instructions from the Government as a Junior Junior Barrister to draft grounds, provide advice, draft witness statements, and assist with disclosure exercises. Her public law practice has been quickly growing since she became a tenant at Farrar’s Building, having gained a reputation for being reliable and consistent, with a solicitor client recently praising her “brilliant” work.
She has also recently been instructed by the London Fire Brigade in the Grenfell Inquiry, together with Laura Fitzgibbon, Michael Dougherty and Rosalind Young.

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