Personal Injury Newsletter – May 2018

Published: 22/05/2018 | Personal Injury

Welcome to this edition of the Farrar’s Building PI newsletter, a fully GDPR compliant newsletter ahead of the dreaded 25th May implementation date. No doubt all our readers will have been scratching their heads and chewing their nails over the last few months (or possibly just weeks or days) at the complexity of the regulations and the possible financial penalties for breach. If it is any consolation, it would appear that everyone is in the same boat, be they insurers, solicitors, or counsel.  If you get a nice email from us however in relation to use of your own personal data (primarily in allowing us to continue to send you this newsletter and keeping in contact about Farrar’s Building events), please provide us with your informed consent!

In this newsletter Joel McMillan provides a review of recent authority and guidance in relation to the issue of fundamental dishonesty whilst our pupil, Michael Dougherty has provided a summary of recent cases of interest.

Finally, Farrar’s Building will be holding a seminar on 20th June 2018 at the London Transport Museum as part of our Expert Series seminars focusing on Road Traffic Accident Reconstruction. Three RTA reconstruction experts will be providing discussions on a number of road traffic collision issues which hopefully will be of interest to a large number of our readers. Hopefully you will already have received an invite, but if not please contact Carolyn Harris for further information.

If you have any queries regarding this newsletter or would like any further information on these issues, please contact the Editor Huw Davies, or contributor Joel McMillan.

Article 1 – Fundamental Dishonesty A review of recent authorities by Joel McMillan
Article 2 – An update on recent Personal Injury cases by Michael Dougherty

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