Pupillage Information

The funding is £55,000 per pupillage, which will consist of a £27,500 award and a further £27,500 in guaranteed earnings.

Our policy is to look to the long term and recruit pupils who have the potential for a career with Farrar’s Building. We are looking for dedicated people who are ready for the hard work and responsibility of practice to become our next generation. Former pupils have developed first-rate practices with Chambers. One of our present silks, Alan Jeffreys, undertook his pupillage here. Many previous pupils have had distinguished careers with Farrar’s Building before taking judicial appointments on the Circuit and High Court bench.


Farrar’s Building is an outstanding chambers for pupils to obtain wide experience during their training. Pupillage is organised in three four-month periods. The second four months is dedicated to assisting pupils make the transition from non-practicing to practicing. During this period pupils will be in court with junior members of chambers on a regular basis, experiencing the type of work they will be expected to undertake as soon as they are on their feet. Pupils are also encouraged to get involved in high profile cases and pupils in the past few years have had the opportunity to work on cases such as Rehill v Rider Holdings Ltd, Ali v Caton & MIB as well as the Baha Mousa Public Inquiry during their pupillage.


The £27,500 award will be payable in six equal monthly instalments during the first six months. During the second six months the pupil is guaranteed receipts of at least £27,500. Should receipts from billed work not add up to at least one sixth of this sum in any given month during the second six then Chambers will pay the difference at the end of the month. Any such payments shall be refundable to chambers from monies later received by the pupil in respect of work billed within their pupillage. In the unlikely event that such monies amount to less than £27,500 the difference shall be for the pupil to keep and shall not be refundable. Any amount billed by a pupil during the second six months in excess of £27,500 shall be theirs to keep.

How To Apply

Farrar’s Building is a member of Pupillage Gateway and applications are to be made through www.pupillagegateway.com. If any further information is required please email us at pupillage@farrarsbuilding.co.uk

Our Pupillage policy can be found here.