Farrar’s Building costs barristers have extensive experience of arguing costs points in all of the Courts and Tribunals in which we appear and are able to provide advice in relation to particular costs issues that may be of concern to clients. The issues often arising relate to costs budgeting, Qualified One Way Cost Shifting, tactical approaches to offers and how to make them with best costs outcomes.

We regularly provide representation for clients at costs case management hearings at which costs are budgeted, and costs points are argued by members following application hearings and trials. Our clerks team will be able to provide detailed estimates of future costs likely to be incurred to assist in the formulation of costs budgets and completing Precedent H.

Members act at detailed assessments of costs in the Senior Courts Costs Office, District Registries and before costs judges in the County Court. The types of issues often encountered at detailed assessment are global proportionality, hourly rates and “good reason” to depart from costs budgets.

Additionally, members provide seminars on a variety of cost topics including costs management, Part 36 and costs consequences, Qualified One Way Cost Shifting, and Fundamental Dishonesty.