Christopher Quinlan QC’s Safeguarding Review Implemented in Full by UKA

Published: 14/09/2021 | News

We are pleased to announce the full implementation by UK Athletics of Christopher Quinlan QC’s safeguarding review recommendations. To read the final, independent, safeguarding report, please click here.

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Amelia Highnam appears in the High Court on behalf of the Secretary of State for the Home Department

Published: 26/08/2021 | News

Amelia Highnam, under instruction from the Government Legal Department, has appeared in the High Court. Amelia represented the Secretary of State for the Home Department in an application for interim relief in a claim for damages for unlawful detention. Amelia was instructed by way of Off-Panel Nomination for the second time in a week. She also appeared for […]

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Success for Lee Evans in Nationally Reported Trial

Published: 20/08/2021 | News

Lee Evans, instructed by Simon Martin of Plexus, successfully defended a housing association in a claim brought by one of its tenants. The trial at Central London County Court received coverage in various national newspapers. The Claimant alleged that as she walked along a driveway that was adjacent to her home, she fell due to […]

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Josh Hedgman successfully defends security company against significant brain injury claim following alleged assault

Published: 16/08/2021 | News

Josh Hedgman was recently instructed to defend a serious brain injury claim following an assault that was alleged to have been committed by a doorman. Josh represented a security company that engaged doormen to provide security services at a pub. The Claimant visited a pub and had to be removed when the pub staff refused […]

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Josh Hedgman overturns trial Judge’s finding that council had negligently positioned a signpost on a cycle path

Published: 03/08/2021 | News

Price v Oxfordshire County Council [2021] 7 WLUK 167​ Josh Hedgman was instructed last year by Oxfordshire County Council to defend a claim brought by a cyclist who managed to ride his bicycle into a ‘battleship-grey’ signpost that sat in the middle of a shared pedestrian and cycle path. The signpost had been there since 1999 and […]

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Key points from X v. Kuoni [2021] UKSC 34 – Defendants’ Options Narrowed

Published: 02/08/2021 | News

In a unanimous judgment, the Supreme Court has sided with consumers in its final judgment in this long running case (X v. Kuoni [2021] UKSC 34). We have previously discussed this case in detail both following the interim decision in the Supreme Court (First Article) and following the judgment of the CJEU (Second Article). The […]

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Did the Equality Act 2010 make a substantive change to the burden of proof in discrimination claims? No, says Supreme Court.

Published: 27/07/2021 | News

Prior to the Equality Act 2010, anti-discrimination laws required the claimant to prove facts from which an employment tribunal could conclude in the absence of an adequate explanation, that the respondent had committed an act of discrimination. The Equality Act used a different language – leaving tribunals to determine if there were facts from which […]

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WEBINAR: Staging an Intervention – The Road Travelled Since Copley v Lawn

Published: 15/07/2021 | Webinars

Date: 14 July 2021 @ 16:30 Duration: 1 hour Presenter: Kamran Khan In this webinar, Kamran offers analysis of and practical insight into the issue of intervention in the context of credit hire litigation. As an area of law that has risen in significance since the Court of Appeal’s decision in Copley v Lawn [2009] […]

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