Monthly Archives: April 2017

How regular is regular? The final word in Platt v Isle of Wight Council [2017] UKSC 28

Published: 06/04/2017 | News

The final round in the infamous case of Platt v Isle of Wight Council has now been decided. The result? It’s bad news for parents hoping for a cheap term-time hop to Disney and good news for local authorities and Head Teachers everywhere. The Facts This is the case in which a single father opted […]

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Nigel Spencer Ley secures £3.3million settlement for cauda equina syndrome claim

Published: 04/04/2017 | News

Nigel Spencer Ley has secured what is believed to be the highest settlement in the UK of a claim for cauda equina syndrome. Damages were agreed at £3.3million. In 2011 the Claimant was a 33 year old vet. He presented at an Accident and Emergency Department complaining of symptoms of cauda equina syndrome. Despite suggesting […]

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Tom Bourne-Arton successful in Court of Appeal case Elson v Stilgoe

Published: 03/04/2017 | News

Tom Bourne-Arton has successfully acted for the Defendant/Respondent in an appeal, heard by the Court of Appeal, against the decision to dismiss the Claimant/Appellant’s claim for personal injuries, loss and damage in a road traffic accident Facts The Appeal concerned a road traffic accident involving a cyclist that was passing stationary and/or slow moving traffic […]

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