Pupillage Information

The funding is £70,000 per pupillage, which will consist of a £35,000 award and a further £35,000 in guaranteed earnings.

Farrar’s Building is embarking on an exciting period of growth and transition; recruiting outstanding individuals through our pupillage process is an integral part of that journey. We are looking for candidates who demonstrate not  only the dedication and commitment to have a successful career at Farrar’s Building, but who also demonstrate the qualities to become the next generation of leaders at our set. Our pupils will be provided with the foundations to have distinguished careers with Farrar’s Building; such foundations which have provided many previous tenants opportunities to take silk, or opportunities to take judicial appointments on Circuit, or in the High Court or appellate courts.

All applications for pupillage should be made through https://www.pupillagegateway.com/.

A copy of our pupillage brochure can be viewed here


Farrar’s Building provides excellent opportunities for pupils to obtain a broad range of experience during their training. Two twelve-month pupillages are usually offered, commencing in October each year. Pupillage is organised in three four-month periods. The second four months is focussed on assisting pupils make the transition from the initial non-practising training and mentoring phases of their career, onto managing their own practice from their second six. During this period pupils will be in court with junior members of Chambers on a regular basis, experiencing the type of work they will be expected to undertake as soon as they are ‘on their feet’. Pupils are also provided opportunities to immerse themselves in high value and high-profile cases shadowing our senior juniors and KCs in conferences, settlement meetings and trials.

You can read and listen to some pupillage experiences here.