The Chambers

Farrar’s Building is situated next to the Temple Church, a two-minute walk from the Royal Courts of Justice and five minutes from Temple Underground Station.

farrarsBarristers’ Chambers on the present site can be traced back many centuries but our name derives from Thomas Farrar, Treasurer of Inner Temple in 1679. James Boswell took rooms in the building there in the summer of 1763 and his time in residence coincided with his first meeting with Dr. Johnson; indeed, it was in Farrar’s Building that he entertained Johnson to dinner on the 20th July 1763.

We currently have fifty tenants, comprising nine silks and forty one juniors. Members of Chambers practice predominately in London and the South-East, but members appear in Courts and Tribunals in all parts of the UK and Chambers retains strong links with Wales, including Chester, historically part of the Wales & Chester Circuit.

Over the years members of Chambers have gone on to become judges in the House of Lords, the Court of Appeal, the High Court and on the Circuit bench. Current members of Chambers sit as Deputy High Court Judges, Recorders, Assistant Boundary Commissioners, Professional Disciplinary Tribunal Chairmen, and are former members of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board and Criminal Injuries Appeals Panels.

Chambers has cutting edge facilities for round table meetings and joint settlement meetings, conferences and mediations as well as a video conferencing facility.

Our computer network system allows access to the electronic Law Reports, case reports and legislation, as well as internet based facilities including remote access to e-mails, diaries and desktops. This allows members of Farrar’s Building to work seamlessly whilst away from chambers.