Matthew Kerruish-Jones

Bright, technical and client-focussed. A very safe pair of hands who will always advise practically and in a commercial context. A strong junior, apt for advising commercially on claims in today's progressive insurance world.

Thom Lumley, instructing Solicitor

Matthew Kerruish-Jones

  • Called in 2003


Matthew is often instructed to represent the interests of insurers, corporate entities, public bodies, care homes, motorists and other interested persons at inquests Matthew is well versed in the practice and procedures of coronial law. In particular, he represents parties who are at risk of facing criminal prosecutions pending the outcome of an inquest. He is all too aware of the risks faced by individuals and companies alike who find themselves under investigation.

Notable cases include:

Re: Hapuarchchi [2018 at South London Coroner’s Court]
A case involving an Article 2 Inquest involving Lewisham and Greenwich Healthcare NHS Trust and Matthew’s client, CIS Security Limited. The case involved a man who arrived in hospital covered in blood in 2008 in a very agitated state. Security had to be called on numerous occasions and in the end restrained him to such an extent that he was suffocated and suffered cardiac arrest leading to a traumatic brain injury which led to him being hospitalised for 9 years. The Coroner asked if this should be referred to the HSE. In addition, new guidance came into force regarding deprivation of liberty at the time of this case making it especially interesting. The case led to a long-running inquest of over three weeks into the procedures used by the Trust’s Mental Health Unit.

Re: Cuthbertson [2018 at Welshpool Coroner’s Court]
Mathew acted for a property owner at an inquest into a house fire in mid-Wales where six members of the same family died. The cause of the fire was never established. This was an extremely high-profile case attracting attention from all over the world. The case was extremely complex involving forensic anthropologists in order to identify the victims.

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Re: GI Construction Ltd [London, 2018]
Matthew represented a construction company in relation to the death of an employee. The deceased had worked for the company for only two days when, he took a pneumatic drill to the base of a concrete column which collapsed on him. Proceedings were issued at the criminal court and the HSE reserved its position. The Coroner found that the death was accidental.

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Re: Marian Reed [2018 at Pontypridd Coroner’s Court]
Matthew represented a care home at an inquest into the death of an elderly lady who was a resident at the home. She had apparently been put to bed by her carers who said that when they had slid her up the bed she had banged her head and that when they had called a nurse, who checked the lady, said she was fine. Shorty thereafter she became very ill and sadly died. A post-mortem revealed she suffered at least 25 fractures to the back of her body within 24 hours before her death. Suspicions were that the deceased had been dropped prior to her death sustaining serious injuries. No firm conclusions as to the circumstances that caused her death could be reached.

Re: Bala Koranga [St Albans, 2018]
Matthew represented a construction company at inquest where a chauffeur, who worked for a family of doctors who were building an extension to their family home, managed to enter the area of the extension and fell down a large hole covered by tarpaulin which had previously been shielded off but which the contractors had removed over the weekend so they could press on with their work the following day. The chauffeur suffered fatal injuries. Following the conclusion of the inquest, the contractor was prosecuted by the HSE

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Re: Philip Beeton [2018 at Huntingdon Coroner’s Court]
Representing an HGV driver who suffered with coughing syncope causing him to cross the road and collide with an oncoming vehicle causing death. The inquest had originally been stayed until the conclusion of police enquiries and an appeal brought by the family of the deceased to the specialist prosecutor at the CPS.

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Notable Cases

R v Harris [2017 at Blackfriars Crown Court]
Represented an elderly man who was not fit to stand trial due to dementia. The case involved “pedal confusion” whereby it was alleged the defendant drove at speed into a shop killing an occupant.

Redcar and Cleveland BC v Baketime Ltd [2017 at Middleborough Magistrates]
The Defendant company, a biscuit manufacturer, suffered a rodent infestation creating a risk to public health.

HSE v Bespoke Bodies Ltd [2017 at Liverpool Crown Court]
The Defendant manufactured bespoke lorries. An employee went onto the roof of the factory in order to carry out maintenance and fell through it sustaining serious injuries.

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HSE v M Baker Produce Ltd [2017 at Lincoln Magistrates]
The Defendant company operated a commercial farm which employed a number of seasonal workers. One of their employees was pulled into a piece of agricultural equipment sustaining injury.

HSE v TJSC Limited [ongoing at Exeter Crown Court]
The Defendant company is alleged to have breached sections 2 and 3 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 after a cherry picker toppled over crushing an operative who later died.

Cavell v Transport for London (2015) EWHC 2283
The High Court dealt with the issue of admissions of liability.

HSE v Habitat Construction LLP (2014)
Fall on a building site; complainant paralyzed; inadequate safety systems in place.

HSE v TG Engineering Ltd (2014)
Machine tool manufacturer; flying parts causing injury (potential fatality).

Westminster City Council v Charalambous & Co (2013)
Falling object from height on hotel customer; life changing head injuries.

HSE v Rare Butchers of Distinction (2013)
Butcher causing laceration with cleaver; inappropriate gauntlet.

Wandsworth County Council v Rayners Catering Hire Ltd (2013)
Death of an employee; catastrophic brain injury; fall in a warehouse; incorrectly stacked equipment by visitor to premises.

HSE v Hampson (2012)
Gas explosion at residential property; prosecuted under Gas Safety (installation & Use) Regulations 1998; serious injuries to occupants and severe structural damage to property.

HSE v Aden Pro Form (2011)
Experienced machine operator injured arm in metal press machine.

HSE v Cambs Compressor Engineering Ltd (2010)
Employee fell from height; life changing injuries.

Re: Hicks (2011)
Representing family of deceased; decapitation at work on railways. Coroner's Court before a jury.

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Appointments & Memberships

Health and Safety Lawyers Association
Criminal Bar Association
Association of Contentious Trusts and Probate Specialists
Personal Injury Bar Association
London Common Law and Commercial Bar Association

Education & Qualifications

Manchester Metropolitan University, BVC
College of Law, PgDL
University of Manchester, Russian Studies BA (Hons)
Marlborough College, Wiltshire

Personal Interests

Married with children and lives in East London. Matthew enjoys motorcycling and keeping up to date with cinema when he can.