Monthly Archives: July 2020

Air Bridges Over Troubled Water?

Published: 02/07/2020 | News

Holidaymakers and the travel industry wait with bated breath for the government’s now long delayed announcement on the immediate future for cross-border travel in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. So far, we have had to content ourselves with leaked plans masking a distinct sound of silence from the government. For many the dangling conversation […]

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WEBINAR: Preparing E-Bundles for the Court

Published: 01/07/2020 | Webinars

Date: 30 June 2020 @ 16:30 Duration: 1 hour Presenters: Nick Blake & Laura Fitzgibbon So how should you prepare that bookmarked, indexed, hyperlinked, searchable electronic hearing bundle, capable of personal annotation, that the Court has ordered you to file? In the latest in the Farrar’s Building webinar series, we demonstrate the step by step process for collating, arranging and […]

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