Christopher Quinlan QC chaired the RFU disciplinary panel in the first regulation 17 case

Published: 29/06/2015 | News

Christopher Quinlan QC, chaired the Rugby and Football Union (RFU) disciplinary panel in the first case brought under regulation 17; that of Phil Blake.

Phil Blake, the former Leicester defence coach, was banned for six months and fined by the RFU after having been found guilty of two breaches of regulation 17 (anti-corruption and betting).

Chairman of the RFU Disciplinary Panel and Farrar’s Building member Christopher Quinlan QC stated:

“This is the first such case that we know of in rugby union and is certainly the first brought under the relatively new regulation 17, so this is new ground.”

“In arriving at the appropriate sanction we have been careful to remind ourselves that we must not make an example of Phil Blake. We have imposed a sanction which we consider fair and proportionate to what he did, while having due regard to the proper consideration of deterrence. We have sought to strike a proper balance between the competing factors and arrive at a sanction we consider to be just. We must have regard to the wider interests of the game.”

“It is important that those involved in the game and the wider public understand that any breach of the anti-corruption and betting regulations will and must be treated seriously.”

An appeal against the length of the ban was also dismissed.

The case was widely reported on including in the Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail and BBC.

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