Farrar’s Building Covid-19 Civil Procedure Summary: 17.08.20

Published: 17/08/2020 | News

Farrar’s Building has compiled a Covid-19 Civil Procedure Summary for civil procedure specific to Covid-19. The summary, which can be found below, covers the following topic areas and includes links to the relevant sources: 

  • Covid-19 specific Practice Directions
  • Cases relevant to Covid-19 issues
  • Limitation, service of Defences & progressing claims
  • HMCTS’s weekly operational summary 
  • Courts and Tribunals tracker
  • Covid-19 civil listing priorities
  • Civil QB, CA & circuit guidance & protocols
  • Remote hearings
  • General guidance on PDF bundles
  • Court of Protection Guidance
  • Insolvency proceedings
  • Employment Tribunal procedure
  • Employment Appeal Tribunal procedure
  • Downloading Skype for Business​

To download a copy of the Covid-19 Civil Procedure Summary, please click here.

This document should be read alongside Farrar’s Building’s reference guide Covid-19 Court Protocols & Guidance Summary, which goes into more detail about court-specific protocols and guidance around England and Wales.

The guidance & protocols in the attached summaries are constantly being updated and it is important that the most up-to-date guidance is checked, and the entirety of the documents reviewed. Nonetheless, we hope that they provide a useful reference and first port of call.