Government Undertaking ‘Intensive’ Review of Clinical Negligence Compensation

Published: 09/02/2021 | News

On 2nd February, Minister for Mental Health, Suicide Prevention and Patient Safety, Nadine Dorries MP, and NHS England maternity leaders spoke with Parliament’s Health and Social Care Committee as part of their inquiry into safety of maternity services in England. Ms Dorries said the Government would undertake ‘intensive’ work on reshaping the system of compensation for victims of clinical negligence.

When questioned about no-fault compensation, Ms Dorries confirmed the Government intended to assess clinical negligence claims across the NHS as a whole, not just in relation to maternity claims, and would be ‘looking at’ no-fault compensation. Ms Dorries also commented that the current rules for loss of earnings, meaning that the disabled child of a banker would receive ‘much more’ compensation than the disabled child of a cleaner, is ‘outdated’, suggesting that too would attract a review.