Josh Hedgman settles £2M smoke inhalation claim

Published: 27/03/2019 | News

Josh Hedgman was recently instructed jointly by two defendants in a claim pleaded at £2.2 million following a devastating fire on a construction site. Primary liability was admitted and the matter proceeded solely in relation to contributory negligence and quantum. 

The case was a complex one involving a novel injury with dual experts in the fields of neurology, ENT surgery, psychiatry and speech and language therapy. The experts agreed that the Claimant had suffered a very rare clinical sub variant of laryngeal dystonia, although no expert was able to identify the mechanism of the disease. The Claimant sought damages for a permanent and disabling impediment to the production of his voice, together with lifelong injection therapy and loss of earnings. 

The matter was listed for trial in the Queen’s Bench Division but settled favourably at a pre-trial JSM. 

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