Kumulchew v Starbucks – Rajiv Bhatt acts in a case which raises awareness of dyslexia

Published: 22/06/2016 | News

Last September Rajiv Bhatt successfully acted for Miss Kumulchew in an 8 day disability and sex discrimination, victimisation and whistleblowing claim against Starbucks.

Miss Kumulchew is an employee at Starbucks who has dyslexia. The effects of which mean that she has difficulty with certain aspects of reading including numbers. This was known to her line manager and senior management. However, after an in-depth inspection of the store, Miss Kumulchew was accused of falsifying company records having recorded incorrect information regarding fridge and water temperatures. During formal disciplinary proceedings regarding the accusation, Miss Kumulchew accepted she had made the mistakes but attributed them to her dyslexia. The outcome of the proceedings meant that she was asked to retrain and her responsibilities were reduced. She subsequently brought and won her tribunal claim.

The case received considerable press attention in February 2016 having been reported in the BBC, The Guardian and The Independent amongst others.  Four months on, Miss Kumulchew has spoken about the public support she has received and how the case has raised awareness of dyslexia which she describes as a “hidden disability” – the article has been published in the i Newspaper. Rajiv is to represent Miss Kumulchew at a remedy hearing which will take place in October 2016.

Rajiv is a third six pupil at Farrar’s Building.