Lucie Danti represents the family at an inquest where shortfalls in care management and treatment were identified.

Published: 12/01/2023 | News

Lucie Danti recently appeared at a four-day inquest, representing the family of a patient who took her own life. At the time of death the patient had been under the care of an NHS Trust’s specialist mental health team. Despite requiring a hospital admission within six months of death, the patient’s only direct contact with the Trust’s specialist mental health team following the hospital admission had been with an unqualified support worker. During the inquest a number of issues with the patient’s care were explored and in summing up the Coroner identified shortfalls in care management and treatment.

At the inquest Lucie submitted on behalf of the family that training for support worker supervisors and the frequency of support worker supervision were inadequate. Lucie submitted that a Prevention of Future Deaths report was required to address these issues. The Coroner agreed and found that the statutory duty to issue a Prevention of Future Deaths Report was indeed triggered; there was sufficient concern in respect of support worker supervisor training and the frequency of support worker supervision.

Lucie accepts instructions to represent interested parties at inquests. Any such request should be made to the Farrar’s Building Clerking Team.