One Year After his Horrific Car Accident, Patrick Harrington QC Succeeds in Convicting Tomas Carney of Murder

Published: 05/02/2021 | News

In the first Trial since his horrendous car accident in January 2020, Patrick Harrington QC prosecuted Tomas Carney on the murder of pensioner Mr Phillips, his AA sponsor.

On 11 January 2021, Mr Harrington QC opened his speech by telling the jury at Swansea Crown Court: “Ladies and gentlemen, this is murder. Tomas Carney deliberately inflicted the most vicious, sustained, and brutal attack on his victim, and by so doing – in a controlled manner and fuelled by anger – chose to end another person’s life.”

The Trial continued for almost three weeks, following which, the jury returned a guilty verdict on 28 January 2021.

Mr Carney has now been sentenced to life imprisonment with tariff taken into account.