R -v- Roberts, Griffiths, Jamshaid and Shahzad

Published: 15/02/2019 | News

Patrick Harrington QC and Leighton Hughes have just concluded the successful prosecution of four men charged with the murder of Malaciah Thomas in July 2018.

During the four week trial in the Crown Court at Cardiff before Mrs Justice Jefford the prosecution case was that the four defendants had hunted down the deceased before Roberts and Griffiths fatally wounded him in a merciless knife attack to his face, head and body. Jamshaid and Shahzad were willing participants, providing different levels of assistance to Roberts and Griffiths, but each man was involved in the joint enterprise, acting together and with a common purpose.

Roberts, Griffiths and Jamshaid were convicted of murder, Shahzad was convicted of manslaughter.

The following sentences were handed down on Friday 15 Feb:

Roberts and Griffiths, who both stabbed Malaciah Thomas, were given life sentences with a minimum term of 25 years while Jamshaid, the get away driver, was sentenced to custody for life with a minimum term of 11 years.
Shahzad, who was found guilty of manslaughter, was sentenced to 7 years and six months at a young offenders institute.

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