Transforming Our Justice System

Published: 19/09/2016 | News

The Lord Chancellor, the Lord Chief Justice and the Senior President of Tribunals have issued a paper outlining almost £1 billion worth of reforms that will seek to “modernise and upgrade our justice system so that it works even better for everyone, from judges and legal professionals, to witnesses, litigants and the vulnerable victims of crime“.

Key proposals in respect of the Civil courts are:

  • Increased promotion of the full range of methods of settling disputes more swiftly, at less cost and with greater choice;
  • Automation and digitisation of the entire process of civil money claims by 2020;
  • Introduction of processes to allow for faster handling of cases in a more convenient way;
  • Extension of the fixed recoverable costs regime (with an eye to avoiding disproportionately high legal costs for losing parties and enabling people to make more informed decisions on whether to take or defend legal action);
  • Extension of the powers of the High Court, allowing it to make attachment of earnings orders so that debtors pay back their creditors

The full paper can be seen here.