Interested in applying for Pupillage?

Published: 09/01/2018 | News

Good luck to all prospective Pupil Barristers who will be applying through the Pupillage Gateway over the next few weeks. Farrar’s Building are offering four pupillages, two starting in October 2018 and two in October 2019. Further details are available here.

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Rajiv Bhatt obtains urgent High Court injunction

Published: 05/01/2018 | News

Rajiv Bhatt acted for LBB Limited against Ms YH and W4C Limited. LBB is a company that buys and sells land. In October 2016 it entered into a contract with W4C for the sale of a piece of land. Ms YH is the sole shareholder and director of the W4C. Unfortunately, W4C failed to complete […]

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Employment Law Update – December 2017

Published: 15/12/2017 | Employment, Newsletters

It is with great pleasure that I introduce this winter edition of our employment newsletter. In her article Emma Sole considers the EAT’s decision in Uber BV v Aslam, a case confirming that Uber drivers do indeed enjoy ‘worker’ status. The decision itself seems orthodox. Its essential message is simple: substance will prevail over form. […]

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Aidan O’Brien chairs RFU disciplinary hearing – David Paice

Published: 08/12/2017 | News

Aidan O’Brien chaired the RFU disciplinary hearing involving challenges made by London Irish Captain, David Paice. The news report of the hearing can be found here. The full judgment will be posted on the RFU website in due course.

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James Rozier appears in the Court of Appeal today in R v Tomasz Kroker

Published: 01/12/2017 | News

James Rozier today appeared in the Court of Appeal for the Appellant in the case of R v Tomasz Kroker. On 10th October 2016 the Appellant was sentenced at Reading Crown Court to 10 years custody in respect of four counts of Death by Dangerous Driving, and a fifth count of Causing Serious Injury by […]

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Andrew Arentsen and Hannah Saxena talk on Chronic Pain Syndrome and Multipliers

Published: 24/11/2017 | News

Andrew Arentsen and Hannah Saxena delivered talks this week on two very topical areas in personal injury cases. Andrew looked at how Claimant Lawyers can address the dichotomy between a modest accident and a catastrophic injury in relation to long term disabling symptoms. His talk discussed key areas of Chronic Pain Syndrome looking at Fibromyalgia, Somatic […]

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An important decision for all personal injury practitioners: the Court of Appeal considering fundamental dishonesty in QOCS protected claims.

Published: 31/10/2017 | Costs, News

“Howlett v (1) Davies (2) Ageas Insurance Ltd [2017] EWCA Civ 1696, CA 30 October 2017. The Court of Appeal approved the interpretation of the meaning of “fundamental dishonesty” reached by HHJ Moloney QC in Gosling v (1) Hailo (2) Screwfix. Further, it was clarified that (1) there is no requirement to plead fundamental dishonesty […]

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Costs Update Newsletter

Published: 09/10/2017 | Costs, Newsletters

Following the Court of Appeal decision in Harrison v University Hospitals [2017] EWCA Civ 792, John Meredith Hardy and Helen Hobhouse have prepared articles considering the implications of this decision for costs budgeting and the detailed assessment of costs following the conclusion of a costs budgeted case. These articles contain useful guidance on the preparation […]

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